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Am i pregnant

One of the most searched questions over the internet is am I pregnant? If you are expecting pregnancy or trying to get pregnant the situation can be confusing. You keep on searching the answer of these questions, am I pregnant and symptoms of pregnancy. You keep on asking your friends until you make sure of your pregnancy. Well there are various symptoms of pregnancy, and may be you are the one who do not know about some of them, read the following article to make it sure.

There are some more general things to suspect am I pregnant. These symptoms can be noticed at very early stages after conception. One may feel morning sickness and unexpected vomiting in the early stages of pregnancy. When baby start growing in the uterus, pregnant woman urinates frequently due to the pressure she feels on the bladder. As the intestines become less efficient in pregnancy, due to the extra hormones generation, constipation is more likely to occur periodically. Certain breast changes occur as well, nipples become enlarged, tender and darkened. Women can notice light pink spotting, when the embryo attaches to the lining of uterus. When a woman get pregnant her body goes through form metabolic changes, and that can cause exhaustion and fatigue.

Most of the home tests regarding pregnancy generate proper results, if you do them properly. You might hear about some those home based tests.  Detection of hCG( Hormone Human Chorionic Ganadotrophin) can be helpful in this regard. It can be detected from pregnant woman urine. You can do it yourself, just make sure that you have followed the direction of manufacturer clearly. Blood tests also conducted in labs to check the accurate amount of hCG produced by woman.

One more conventional way to check the pregnancy is missed periods; it is considered a reliable sign of pregnancy. If you are planning for pregnancy, mark the day you expect your periods. That is the point to conduct the home pregnancy test. The first urine of the day will give you the most accurate amount of hCG.

If you have noticed all these early pregnancy symptoms, and you have done your home pregnancy test successfully. And got positive results, it is clear you are pregnant. If all symptoms are there, and your home pregnancy test comes back negative, do not depress. You might have performed the test bit earlier. The right way here is to seek the doctor’s advice.

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