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Alcohol In Pregnancy

Alcohol in Pregnancy

Alcohol in Pregnancy is the most discussed topic among the women who are pregnant and alcohol addict.

Alcohol addicted ladies face difficulties to leave the addiction even in pregnancy. Even tries to cope up with problem by searching different phrases on internet. For example Alcohol in Pregnancy, “How to Leave alcohol in pregnancy” or Effects of alcohol on pregnancy and terms like that.  Today’s focus of discussion is based on alcohol and pregnancy. And yes it is true that drinking alcohol during pregnancy can have harmful effects on the baby in your womb.

Children of mothers who drink large amounts may experience what is called fetal alcohol syndrome, is associated table malformations of various organs and mental retardation. Usually this syndrome occurs in women with a history of alcohol before conception and continues with this habit harmful during pregnancy.

In addition, the nutrition of the alcoholic is often affected by a deficiency of essential nutrients that may play a role in these cases, since the lack of some minerals such as zinc, increased risks in the developing baby. No one can estimate what amount alcohol is harmful for the baby in the womb. But one thing I do know that the greater the amount of alcohol consumed during pregnancy, the adverse is the effects on your baby. Occasional intake of wine or spirits can hardly affect the baby; however it is recommended that all pregnant women abstain from alcohol throughout pregnancy.

Still, if you choose to drink alcohol during pregnancy, I advise that you avoid drinking every day and allow its use only for a casual celebration, drinking only a glass and preferably after the third trimester of pregnancy. There are no studies showing that having a few drinks over a short period of time in the early stages of pregnancy may affect the baby, but there are no studies that prove otherwise. But do not worry if you drink a few drinks before you knew you were pregnant. Many women went through this in unplanned pregnancies and nothing bad happened.

Anyways what is recommended is stop drinking alcohol in pregnancy. It is best for the sake of your health and also for the health of the baby breathing in your womb.

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