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Alcohol Addict Behavior

Alcohol Addict Behavior
Continuing the series of article about addictions today I am discussing Alcohol addiction.  Many from us thought that drinking too often is addiction. Well may be it’s the half part of what exactly it is.  Drinking too often and a feeling a compulsive need to an intoxicating liquid that is obtained from fermented grain or fruits is Alcohol addiction. It includes beer, wine and other spirits.

In this article i briefly discuss alcohol addict behavior. If you drink too often and when you don’t drink feel no need of liquor you are not addict first of all. Drinking too often and then start associating things with alcohol is the major indication in this regard. Some of the common thoughts that arises in the mind of a drug addict, which make his/her essential behavior compulsive towards liquor.

For example, you are tired, you have worked a lot and you want to relax but cannot without filling your stomach with liquor. You are associating you rest with liquor, if not rest then a long sleep after a long break of work.  You tried to do it without liquor but could not help yourself, is the sign of an alcohol addict. Same like above mentioned example a drug addict start associating number of things with alcohol like, mental peace, physical relief, deep sleep etc.

In most cases it starts from pleasure, and takes you towards an OCD kind of think. Where you are obsessively feel a compulsion for alcohol. To understand this I have again an example, someday you accidently or intentionally drink before doing sex with your partner, and next time you repeat the exercise to feel the same extent of intimacy, and ultimately you start doing it in routine. The symptoms of the compulsion start when you have to do sex without liquor, if you feel depressed after this experience it shows that you are compulsive towards liquor. And that combination of pleasure and compulsion leads you towards addiction. Where you find yourself helpless, performing various tasks without alcohol.This combination of pleasure and compulsion can also leads you to another addiction called sex addiction.
Alcohol and Sex
The alcohol addict often satisfies his/her near ones that he/she will leave it and will accomplish the task next time without liquor. But addiction as I told is not a normal drinking and I have just illustrated it with above mentioned examples. It is deep inside alcohol addict behavior. Some may think that just about having the will to stop drinking, but alcoholism is more complicated than that. The desire for an alcoholic is so great that suppresses its ability to stop drinking. Most alcohol addicts need assistance to stop drinking. With treatment and support of family and friends, many have been able to stop drinking and rebuild their lives. However, it is a sad fact that there are many who are unable to stop, despite the aid. That was brief introduction an alcohol addict behavior, in next articles I will be discussing about the physical and mental drawbacks of alcohol addiction and possible treatments.

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