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Airplane Beauty Tips

Flying all the time is fun but it can take a toll on your skin. There are some ways with which you can keep your skin hydrated and healthy.

HYDRATION is key! First off, water is your best friend, drink lots of water. You can also try a water spray, it will keep your skin hydrated. Stop by your local Sephora, and snack a few samples of your favourite moisturizer. That way you dont have to carry on all your full size products. Keeping your skin hydrated is very important. You can also use a hydrating mask  because your skin may need extra hydration.

This might sound silly, but the sun is a huge pest on planes. You really are much closer to it and its damaging rays without anywhere near the cloud or atmospheric protection you get on the ground. It’s incredibly easy to get sun damage even if you’re not in a window seat. And as you probably know by now, just because you’re not getting burned doesn’t mean you’re not receiving damage. Apply a sunscreen with UVA/UVB protection and at least an SPF of 45 before boarding.

The time before your departure, take a warm shower instead of a hot one (which can break down the lipid barrier on skin that keeps moisture in and toxins out), and try to keep it as brief as you can. Pat yourself dry instead of rubbing, and apply a nice, thick lotion all over within 60 seconds of stepping out of that steamy stall, while your skin is still all nice and porous, to lock that moisture in. If you have time, slap a moisturizing facial masque on for five minutes or so to give yourself an extra fortification against dehydration.

Balms are your best friends on long plane rides. To start, because they don’t qualify as a liquid, you can freely get them past airport security without a hassle. And they’re also mighty multi-taskers. Oil-based balms (rose or carrot oil being two of the best) can fix nearly any beauty problem you’ll encounter on a plane.

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