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About Aspirin

About Aspirin

Well this article is also a part of the series of the articles about addictions. Because I will be going to write on the Aspirin Addiction, therefore I thought to start from this interesting article. I have compiled some interesting facts about aspirin for you.
1. In Argentina consumes a quarter of all Aspirin taken in the world. In the year 1997 in the Andean country sold 2,625 million tablets.

2. Never a drug so small was so powerful. An aspirin tablet has a diameter of 1.2 cm, a thickness of 6mm. and a weight of 0,650 g.

3. Although the song says “… three things in life …” to the popular and prestigious U.S. magazine Newsweek are 5 inventions of the twentieth century without which it could live, automobile, light bulb, telephone, TV and … Aspirin!

4. If the 2500 will crowd Aspirin consumed every second around the world, each other, would reach a height of 30 meters. That is, in one hour is enough to build 3,600 columns of aspirin and, in any one day 86,400 columns of 30 meters.

5. Aspirin reached the moon, yes, 72 years after the scientist Felix Hoffmann discovered aspirin, it traveled into space. I could not miss in the kit, so NASA decided.

6. If placed in rows aspirin tablets consumed in Spain, would cover the distance separating Madrid from New York, 7,200 miles

7. They have made 350 billion aspirin tablets since 1899, when it became commercialized.

8. Aspirin has occurred even in the literature. For example, Gabriel Marquez wrote in Chronicle of a Death Foretold, “I had woken up when trying to find an aspirin grope in the bathroom medicine cabinet.

9. The word became a noun Aspirin in 1936, when she was accepted by the Royal Spanish Academy of Language and says: “Body in white needles crystallized and very slightly soluble in water …”

10. If people worldwide affected by circulatory diseases use aspirin regularly could save about 100,000 lives.

I would certainly discuss about Aspirin Addiction in the series of Addiction Articles and may be discussing one article on Aspirin in Pregnancy as well.


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