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5 ways to instantly stop hiccups

5 ways to instantly stop hiccups
Imagine you are sitting on your first date with a girl whom you love a lot and you take her out for dinner and you are talking and enjoying your time but while eating food you just have hiccups and you could not stop, every time you try to say a word and there is hiccup so in that case to save the embarrassment you should know the instant ways to cure this problem. Having hiccups is not a major problem or issue it goes away with few minutes but still at times it is very disturbing and weird.

There are some very simple and accessible ways which you can try in order to stop hiccups, take 9 continuous sips of water or any other fluid, without any break for inhalation or you can also try to hold your breath in anticipation of you feel another hiccup next, when you can sense it you should gulp down some air. These are very useful tricks but other tips that are also very effective include.

Lemons are an effective source to cure hiccups all you have to do is to take a glass half filled with water add few drops of lemon juice in it mix with a spoon and take sip of it without inhaling to much air.  Therefore these are some very simple ways which will help you to cure hiccups instantly and then you can sit and enjoy the time without being embarrassed.
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