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5 Tops healthy foods

5 Tops healthy foods

Everyone loves to be healthy and in shape as it helps them to feel good about themselves everyday when they look in the mirror, health matters a lot in order to be successful in life. We try different diet plans and different kinds of healthy foods which helps us to keep our food healthy and our skin beautiful. Once we have a set routine and a planned schedule of the foods that we have to eat then we no longer feel that we are on some diet or we have any restrictions on us. Now I am going to tell you about the healthy foods that you can make part of your daily meals and stay fit.

Apples are one of the most beneficial fruit it contains antioxidants that help to slow down your aging process and research has also shows that people who eat apple regularly have less chances of heart diseases.

Blueberries are very delicious but they also help to curb obesity and are good source of controlling body weight. Sea food is liked by many people but if you eat oily fish like salmon which contains natural oils that help to provide benefits for your heart and also is rich source of vitamin A and D.

Green vegetables especially green vegetable leaves are very good for your health; they are rich source of Vitamin A, B, C, K etc. Sweet potatoes are very rich source of dietary fiber it can help to make your digestive system strong and helps to digest the food well.

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