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5 Tips to have healthy and strong nails

5 Tips to have healthy and strong nails
A beautiful women can be recognized by her hands that is very true because our hands are very important part of our life we almost do everything with our hands including all our work. Our hands are one of the biggest blessings to us from God, so we always wish to keep our hands soft and beautiful. As our hands are used for cooking, writing, working so they have more chances to get dry and have line son them and have dark spots which is why it is very important to take care of them which we all do, but our nails are something that we forget to take care of, every we try to grow our nails we end up cracking it up while working on something.

We forget to realize that like we have to have strong hair in order to stop them from falling off likewise we need to have strong nails in order to stop them from chipping off. Therefore today we will look at some natural tips which will help us make our nails stronger. To keep your nails hydrated you should apply a bit of petroleum jelly on your nails and cuticles to keep them soft and also avoid washing dished without a hand glove.

Try to drink milk at least a glass in a day which makes your nail stronger. Keep your nails trimmed and filed so that they don’t get rough and chip off. Avoid having nail paint all the time on your nails it can make your nails weak and will also make them yellowish. Drink lots of water and eat yogurt which provide your nails with natural vitamins and keep them strong.

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