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5 tips to boost your memory

5 tips to boost your memory
Everyone wants to have a good long term memory, when you are a child you want to have a good memory to remember all the definitions that your textbook contains, when you are a teenager you want to remember birthdays of your friends so that they don’t get hurt, and when you are working you want to remember all the facts and figures of your work so that your work information is on your finger tips and when you have a family you want to remember everything in your home to take care of everyone’s needs in your family and in order to fulfill all your responsibilities.

Therefore for all this you need to have a sharp mind so that you could remember everything on time, but if you worried that you forget things most of the time and you just don’t know what to do well then take a deep breath because here are some tips which will help you to boost your memory.

First thing to remember is to focus on one thing at a time when you focus on something your brain is able to store that information but if you don’t focus you just forget. Try to repeat things at the end of every task once again so that your mind recalls it and it is stored in your memory, try to touch or smell that thing which will help you to remind that thing maybe by associating it with something. Eating almonds early in morning is very good for your brain it makes your mind sharp.

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