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5 things that you are unaware of that can make you fat

5 things that you are unaware of that can make you fat

There are several reasons for getting fat but there are many things that we ignore and we are unaware of that can be main reasons for being fat. Well have a look on them and then think that was these the main reasons for you being fat as many people complain that they don’t eat much even then they get fat.

Firstly stress or anxiety can easily make you fat as when you are under stress you just stop thinking what you are eating and secondly while you are in stress your body produces a hormones that might be the reason for storing fat in your body. Therefore don’t feel stress all the time and try to be happy.

Lack of sleep can also cause you to be fat as when you sleep less your metabolism system slows down which means that your body do not digests the food well, which means that you have fats in your body. Lack of sleep also causes you swelling at times and also makes you feel tired and lazy.

It is also very important to keep in mind to eat you meal in small portions, if you think that you eat at lunch time only a full plate of food and then while day you don’t eat well that is something can make you fat, as when you will eat in portions your body would be able to digest the food quickly reducing the fats.

Coffee can also make you fat until and unless it is a black coffee, if you drink coffee with creams and ice creams it have a lot of calories. Avoid excessive consumption of alcohol and make your.

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