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5 steps to keep your feet flawless

5 steps to keep your feet flawless
Have you ever noticed that when you wear those beautiful sandals and stilettos how perfect your feet look but on the other hand if your feet are dry and cracked even the best shoe would look bad? Therefore it is very important to take care of your feet as we use them most in our everyday life to walk and to move from one place to another. Most people have ignored the fact that how important it is to have healthy feet to make your overall personality look perfect.

Therefore there are simple natural ways in which you can take care of your feet, if you think that the only way to take care of your feet is to leave your job and studies and to go for a pedicure and foot treatment; no you can do it easily at home. Firstly always remember to keep your feet clean and keep your nails trimmed so that you stay away from the infections and other problems.

Soak your feet in warm water for 20 minutes add few drops of lemon juice and a pinch of salt into the water, this is really effective way for softening your feet and getting them relaxed. Use good quality lotion on your feet before sleeping it will prevent your feet from cracks and will also help them to stay silky soft.

If you think you have dark spots on the fingers then you can take a slice of lemon and rub it on the area this will fade away the spots and will also provide vitamin C to your feet. Always buy the comfortable shoes in which you have to walk everyday and enjoy wearing the beautiful heels without feeling bad about your feet.

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