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5 steps to avoid insulin resistance

5 steps to avoid insulin resistance
Insulin resistance is a state in which the body generates insulin but is not able to utilize it in a balanced way. Insulin is basically a hormone prepared by the pancreas; it assists the body to utilize glucose for power. Glucose which is also known as blood sugar is a type of sugar which is in the body’s main supply of energy.

However when you become are insulin resistant, your fat, and liver cells can’t react accurately to insulin therefore which causes you body to have more insulin to categorize to help the glucose to go into cells. Therefore when constantly your body has a need of more and more insulin eventually pancreas fall short to do that and then glucose build in the blood results in you having a very serious disease known as diabetes.

Therefore in order to control this major problem, you should focus very much on your diet and eat a lot of fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins and nutrients which will help your body to work properly. You should also avoid the food that contains carbohydrates, and sugar try to eat whole grains foods.

Avoid salt and other processed food stuff and rather try having nuts and dried fruits. It is very important to exercise at least for 40 minutes every day, you can walk or jog as you like but this will help to raise your heart rate. And get your sugar levels checked by doctor after every week in order to see if things are going right.

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