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5 Relaxation techniques

5 Relaxation techniques

Everyone needs to relax at some time of the day because in order to work properly with fresh mind it is very necessary for our mind and body to be relaxed so how a person can feel relaxed is a question many people ask. Most of the people think the only way to relax is to sleep on the most comfortable bed that is true but that is not the only; there are several other ways that can help you to relax especially when you are not at your home.

Being relaxed helps you to think better and feel better whereas if you stay stressed out it can be harmful for your physical and mental health. So try these new techniques that are very easy to apply and you would not need a bed for it. Sit in a relaxed posture and repeat a short word that you like while taking long breaths for example ovum or wind.

Second step is to feel and picture yourself as you are very relaxed like you can think about the most favorite places that you have in mind that would help you to relax like sitting near some beach and hearing to the sounds of waves or imagining that you are sitting in a garden while you are surrounded with lots of roses and flowers.

After doing these both steps your mind will be very relaxed then all you have to do is to take long breathes and repeat that for 15 minutes, after that you will notice that how relaxed your body is.

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