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5 Healthy eating habits

5 Healthy eating habits
We all want to live a long life and most importantly a beautiful life and that is only possible if we are happy and if we have a good health both of these things are pretty interlinked as if you are healthy you will be stress free and you will feel happy, in order to maintain our health we try to eat healthy and hygienic food and we avoid junk and fatty foods.
Exercise is also very important part of being healthy so you should regularly exercise in order to keep your body in shape. However you should always try to change your diet and not just stick to one kind of food because you will soon get bored from it and you will eventually end up craving for some junk food.
Therefore today we will talk about some healthy eating habit that you should be aware of and they will benefit you in long run. Firstly always include starchy food in your meal that is high in fiber for example cereal, rice, pasta etc. Fruits and vegetables are very essential to eat as they are full of vitamins and minerals that your body needs you can also have a glass of sugar free fresh juice.
Avoid eating too much salt especially adding salt after the meal is cooked is very unhealthy it increases your blood sugar and also increases your weight so eat less salt. Therefore follow these tips and be healthy and enjoy your life to the fullest.

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