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3 winter health risks that you should be aware of

3 winter health risks
Winters is one of the most favorite season of many people as in winters we can wear our favorite clothes and our favorite shoes and also can play with snow and enjoy the cold weather with hot coffee and chocolate. Some of us are unaware that what problems and health issues we can have in winters and so after waiting for so much time for winters to come when finally winters arrive we get sick and then have to spend a lot of days at home on bed in order to be fine again.

So once you are aware of what problems you can have due to cold you can always take care of these problems and be aware and always be ready in order to avoid any health issues. As we know in winters there is extreme cold and as our body is not very comfortable with the extreme cold we face some terrible issues.

Firstly a very common problem is having cold, due to which we have flu and cough which is very horrible as we cannot sleep at night and also we have to take medicines for that. So when you have cold avoid using disposable tissues and in order to avoid this problem try to wash your hands daily and also stay away from people who are infected.

In order to cure sore throat gargle with salty warm water that will instantly make you feel perfect.  Many of us face asthmas problems such as breathing problem, for that try to stay in door as it is very dangerous and when you step out always cover your nose with a scarf.

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