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3 Beauty Tips with a Spoon

People use spoons to eat,  but did you know that  spoons can help you look prettier? You can use 3 different ways to use your spoon for your beauty routine.

  1. Need a wake up call? Throw 2 spoons in your freezer and leave them there overnight. When you wake up, just take them out and lay them over your eyes until they are no longer cold. The frozen spoons are gonna help tighten the skin, reducing the appearance of dark puffy eyes. Now flip your spoons over and press them into your face. When you’re  massaging the spoons on your face, it will help spread out any excess water retention in your face. It is usually due to dehydration or not taking in enough water, will usually swell up your face in the morning. So now your face should look fresh.
  2. Have you ever forgotten your lash curler? Curling your lashes using a spoon, has been around for ages. It is an old fashion trick that’s fool proof. What you need to do is take the edge of your spoon and line it up with your lashes. With your thumb, gently press your lashes against the edge of your spoon and you’ll see the effect. If you look carefully, compare the shape of your lash curler with a spoon. It has the same curvy shape. Once you are done, apply your mascara as usual and enjoy your curly lashes.
  3. You can also make your own lip colour, using just a spoon and heat. Find some petroleum jelly. Add a little bit of blush or eye shadow in a spoon. Add some petroleum jelly in the spoon. The more you add the more sheer your lip colour will be. With your lighter, melt down your ingredients. Once the petroleum jelly has liquified,  pour it in a contact lens case. You can also melt 2 different lip colours and make your own lip shade.

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