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3 beauty myths

3 beauty myths
We love to look beautiful and we wish to become more and more beautiful as the days pass by and so we the worst nightmare that we could have is anything happening to our skin like acne or blackheads. So we take a lot of care of our skin by having a balanced diet and by washing our face 3 times a day to prevent it from oil and dirt and we also apply high quality beauty products to enhance our skin. Because in our hearts we know that the more we look beautiful the more self confidence we have and the more self confidence we have the more effective work we are able to do.

So you might not have noticed but there are many little things that we ignore in our everyday routine that might be harmful for our skin, so today we will talk about the myths of beauty that most people are unaware of. Filling nails in one direction instead of back and forth will prevent your nails from shredding and your nails will become strong as there would be less breakage in the nails.

Plucking your eyebrows with a tweezers will reduce the growth of your eyebrows and so you would feel relaxed because you don’t have to go to saloon over and over again for getting your eyebrows trimmed. Dry skin is not the only cause for wrinkles in fact it plays little part in causes wrinkles so instead of moisturizing your skin to get rid of wrinkles you should look into other aspects as well.

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