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Foods that speed up your metabolism

There are no short cuts to loosing weight, but there are a few things you can do to boost your metabolism. EXERCISING regularly and getting plenty of sleep are 2 of the best things you can do. However, there are also plenty of  food that speed up your metabolism. So, adding them to your diet may give you a little extra edge in loosing more weight. These are some foods that are highly recommended.

HOT PEPPERS and other forms of spicy peppers can directly boost metabolism and circulation. In fact, eating hot peppers not only speeds up your metabolism,  it also reduces your craving for foods. Studies have shown that eating hot peppers can boost the metabolism by up to 25%.

BROCCOLI, it is high in calcium and it is also high in Vit-C, K and A. Broccoli will also provide you with plenty of full weight and dietry fibres, and a variety of anti-oxidants. Broccoli  is also one of the best Detox foods you can add to your diet and it helps stimulate your metabolism.

GREEN TEA, its now a well known fact through multiple scientific studies that green tea extract can significantly boost the metabolism, as well as provide a variety of other health benefits. Green tea is delicious and is also rich in anti-oxidants that actually fights harmful free radicals.

APPLE % PEARS, studies show that these  2 foods help boost metabolism and speed up weight loss.

SPICES, are one of the best ways you can keep your metabolic rate high. Especially the pungent spices such as black pepper, mustard seeds, powdered onion and ginger.

CITRUS FOODS, grape fruits have been shown to help us burn fat and keep on metabolism high.

Other ways to boost your metabolism naturally are just to eat a good healthy diet, avoid high fructose corn syrup, GMO’s, avoid energy drinks,  and get good sleep at night.

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