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12 Beauty Tips (DIY Skin care & Hair Care)

  1. 12-620x270Dont use harsh cleanser in the morning because if you wash your face every night and clean your face, chances are, your face is not going to be dirty in the morning. You just want to purify your skin, so you need to use a gentle cleanser.
  2. If you have oily skin, then try using Yogurt as a cleanser in the morning. The best thing about yogurt is that its anti bacterial and really helps fights acne.
  3. If you have got dry skin, try using milk powder, and pour warm water on the top of milk powder and it will be fantastic for your dry skin.
  4. Remove your eye makeup with the help of avocado oil or grape seed oil, if you dont have these oils you can also use olive oil. Olive oil tends to be a little bit thicker than the other oils mentioned above.
  5. After you wash your face, remember to always pat your skin dry, never scrub the towel against your skin, because that’s gonna cause premature wrinkles and you dont want that.
  6. The best exfoliator for any skin type is baking soda. It helps get rid off all the blackheads around the nose or where ever you might have them, so its really good.
  7. When you’re using exfoliator, make sure that you only use the tip of your fingers, dont use your palm.
  8. To untangle your hair, always use your fingers first and then move on to hair brush. Always start from the tip of your hair and then move to scalp. That way you’ll untangle without damaging or ruining your hair.
  9. Macademia oil, is the best oil in the beauty world. If you got oily skin you can actually remove your makeup with this oil because its really light. If your skin is dry, put macademic oil as a serum, and its going to give you the nourishment deep within, that your skin really needs.
  10. If you put macademic oil on your hair, it actually helps get rid off tangles.
  11. Apply macademic oil 1 hour before you’re going to wash your hair, you wont have tangles after washing your hair that you usually get.
  12. Talking about shampooing your hair, start applying shampoo to you head and moving upwards, this is going to clean your scalp without getting the hair all tangled up and it also gives the hair volume at the roots. No need for teasing!

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