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4 Summer Life Hacks



The next time you eat a giant hamburger, dont eat it just like that. The bottom gets soggy and fall apart, instead try turning your burger upside down. The tops are nearly twice as thick as the bottoms. So be smart and eat your hamburgers upside down.

Have you ever noticed that when you put a straw in a can of soda, it doesn’t wanna stay. Try bending the top of the can over the hole and slide your straw down through it.

Grab yourself a mango and carefully cut off two sides of the mango and hold one piece in your hand. You can cut gently a few lines vertically and few more across, until the pattern resembles a check. Now take it in both hands and gently push from the back. You’ll see bite size pieces pop right up. You can use a spoon to scrape them into a bowl. Its fast and easy.

Its the season for fruit-flies. So, before they take over your kitchen, slice a few pieces of banana and mix with some of your leftover mango peels. Find yourself a small container and add the fruit. Now just stretch a piece of plastic wrap over the top and use something like the tip of the chopstick to poke a small hole in the center  that is just bigger than the fly. Now you can set it and forget it. Within a few minutes flies will be checking things out and once one goes in, you can be sure his friends will follow. Now you can simply take the lid of the container and press it on, sealing them inside.

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